Julia's Portraits for Keeping Abreast in the House of Commons

14th October 2015
The Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition Tour began this week in Westminster!

On Monday 12th October, Norwich North MP, Chloe Smith, officially opened the exhibition of the fifty portraits by Julia. Keeping Abreast co-founder, Anna Beckingham, introduced the collection to the invited guests and gave an overview of the work and aims of the charity.

The exhibition is displayed in the beautiful surroundings of the Upper Waiting Hall and is a very fitting environment for the classical styled images.

Many comments have already been left by visiting guests, made up of HoC Staff, MPs, Lords and Baronesses, with one word occurring many times - "Inspirational".

Amongst the visitors and guests were Baroness Shephard, Dr Christian Jessen, Victoria Derbyshire and Dr Liam Fox MP.

Julia Holland with Baroness Shephard

Anna Beckingham with Dr Christian Jessen

Julia and Anna with Chloe Smith MP

Anna and Julia with Victoria Derbyshire

Keeping Abreast "team" at the House of Commons:
Sue Henry, Tracey Burlingham, Anna Beckingham, Julia Holland, Kerry Kemp, Chris Bailey, Carolyn Atkins

The portraits stay in London, but move on to to 55 Neal Street, Covent Garden from October 19th - 25th.